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33 gallon trash bags

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Plastic packaging waste recycled in two steps, first isolated from a mixed waste plastic packaging in different types of plastic packaging, followed by regeneration.
(1) Mechanical Recycling Law
The separated single varieties of plastic packaging waste after drying, by the Chongqing plastic packaging extruder melt, while the addition of pigments and additives required (such as UV stabilizers, etc.), we get to meet user needs granules of resin.
(2) Chemical regeneration
Chemical regeneration by pyrolysis, hydrogenation or chemical reagents degrade the polymer into monomers or short chain polymer, into oil, monomer and chemical raw materials; Also, you can use plastic packaging waste generated in a blast furnace carbide as steel required ingredients. Compared with mechanical method has the following advantages: quality chemical raw skill recycled plastic pots where decomposition is excellent potential for significant processing of waste, both to achieve recycling plastic packaging can achieve real governance MSW for environmental pollution.
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