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A method for reducing the use of plastic bags
Reusable bags: Select a few strong plastic bags and put them on your bag, portable, so you can use when shopping bag that comes with the use of plastic bags stores refuse to offer. Reusable bags are easy to carry around (can be placed on a small bag, or even your pocket!), And as long as with a few, you can buy a lot of things can also be dispensed, it will not inconvenience to life. Stained garbage bags will be used to install (or wash before use), and a clean plastic bag can be reused several times.
Refuse bags: Under normal circumstances, the cashier is often mechanical packaging and receivables. They do not have time to ask whether the customer needs plastic bags. If you do not, you do not accept plastic bags, such as when buying yogurt, beverages, medicines and other small items of the time. Who schoolbags, handbags shopping bags can not do it?
Use reusable green bags: usually carry their own bags.
Count how many bags you use: a look! Think you or this week, how many plastic bags consumed today.
These methods to tell your friends and family around, so that more human environment and make a contribution [1].
If you buy eggs, like fragile things, you can choose a small wicker basket, environmentally friendly and stylish.
Try to use shopping bags.
There are also blue, green garbage bag, the role of this bag on the market mainly for classification of garbage, garbage classification is very important, is conducive to the use of recyclable waste, household waste and general household waste on sub-recyclable garbage Well, if it is dangerous and so we can use glass electromagnetic red garbage bags well, let us work together to make a contribution to this planet.
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